Spark AR "Advanced Glass" v1.4 (v103+) / v1.5 experemential (v114+)

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Spark AR "Advanced Glass" v1.4 (v103+) / v1.5 experemential (v114+)

15 ratings

The Advanced Glass shader is based on render passes that making possible to control the amount of refraction blur using the Roughness map.

The shader supports Normal map work and allows you to add realistic details to the glass material. The combination of all the maps allows you to create the most realistic glass material available today in the Spark AR program.

In addition to the Advanced Glass shader, I attach a sample file and instructions for creating even more realistic glass using render passes and object manipulations.

Test link 1 

Test link 2

11.10.20 Update v1.1 : Refraction improvements. Bigger range of refraction, more realistic refraction. 

01.11.20 Update v1.2 : Refraction improvements. More realistic refraction. Small changes in setting up of Double sided glass ( "Front" function should be on for front part of the glass in double sided setup only!!!)

16.12.20 Update to v1.3 : Bug fix with normap maps issue on android devices. New  and better normal map influence approach. 

05.03.21 Update to v1.4: Updated Option reference, adjusted refraction algorithm, new settings: "Alpha from Base color texture", "Flip refractions". More information about new settings at Option reference. Performance optimization: if dispersion not important to use make sure that it's sated to "0".

18.03.21 Update to v1.5 Simplified setting up without RP Ungroup for Spark AR v109 (imprtant don't open and edit patch group) This is experimential version can be some unexpected bugs. 

If you are using 114+  version important to convert it to patch group before saving to avoid shader error !!! 

I want this!

Advanced Glass v1.4, Standart Option reference,Double sided Option reference,Double sided example project, Advanced Glass 1.2 Guide Eng / Rus


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