Spark AR Simple FUR v1.2 by Masketing

28 ratings
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Spark AR Simple FUR v1.2 by Masketing

28 ratings

Simple Fur is a quick way to make realistic and pretty fur in Spark AR in 10 minutes. 

There are two pipelines that inside this product:

1) Model preparation in blender + patch;

2) Spark AR without any additional 3d soft;

Each pipeline has own strong and weak points and not totally perfect due to Spark AR limitations and bugs. 

1) Blender+patch pipeline 


- Possible to create more customizable geometry  and shape of fur;

- Compatible with Spark AR Lights and materials (standard, PBR); 

- Rigging directly at project file;


- Require Blender 3d beginner skills;

- Consume project memory capacity much more due to duplication of geometry;

 2) Spark AR pipeline 


- Works within Spark AR (no 3d software require );

- Hair length adjustment directly at Spark AR by value; 

- Creating fur from face mesh or Spark AR 3d text;

- Consuming object memory like single 3d model;


- More unstable 

- Can appear small bugs with interface ( how to solve in tutorial inside) 

- Not supporting spark AR lights and basic materials ( Available matcap shading only) 

Depending on your task you can decide what pipeline the best for you. 

If you have any doubts you can contact me directly

Follow me at Instagram to know about future updates 

If your mesh don't have UV you may use Auto UV tool

Test link 

I want this!

Simple Fur v1.2, example project (both piplines), full video tutorials (both piplines), Template(Spark AR pipline)


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