Spark AR "Smart PBR" v1.6 (v103+) / v1.7 experemential (v114)

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   If you are looking for more real and flexible shader it's here! 

Smart PBR shader based on render passes and gives you possibility to make environment lightning from your camera picture. 

  You can use it with any type of material in Spark AR. Use Standard shader as main to have compatibility with Spark AR lights(required to load normal map to standard material).  

Test link: Standard Spark AR PBR(upper) VS Smart PBR (lower) 

28/09/2020 Updated to v1.1 performance update and small changes in setting-up(more comfortable now).

Performance test link

04/10/2020 Updated to v1.2 Metallic shader update: correct brightness, proper compatibility with color maps. No changes in performance and setting up pipeline.

22/10/2020 Updated to v1.3 Reflection and environment lightning update. No changes in performance and setting up pipeline.

29/10/2020 Updated to v1.4 Wrong occlusion map rendering Fixed, new metallic shader and metallic color rendering, environment and base shading improvements. ORM combine update, for simple PBR shaders you can adjust roughness and metallic by single value from  (0-1) or just plug single textures 

29/11/2020 Update v1.5 Bugfixes(alpha texture wrong rendering, on small roughness value wrong rendering), performance update, instalation simlification(one render SRP less )

29/11/2020 Update v1.6  Bugfixes  with normap maps issue on android devices. New and better normal map influence approach.

18/03/2021 Update to v1.7 Simplified setting up without RP Ungroup for Spark AR v109 (imprtant don't open and edit patch group) This is experimential version can be some unexpected bugs. 

If you are using 114 version important to convert it to patch group before saving to avoid shader error !!! 

Video with update review 

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Smart PBR patch, ORM combine patch, Options reference guide, Basic setup guide


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Spark AR "Smart PBR" v1.6 (v103+) / v1.7 experemential (v114)

14 ratings
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